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Big Techday - a conference on science and IT

The Big Techday is a one-day conference on science and technology, particularly IT. Most speakers have an IT background, but some also come from other sciences such as physics, mathematics and mechanical engineering. Some are also from other disciplines such as art and sport. TNG has been organizing this event annually since 2007 in Munich.


Portrait Jan Frodeno
Jan Frodeno
Olympic Champion & 3x Ironman World Champion
Zara Rutherford
Record-Breaking Pilot, Activist
Grant Sanderson
Prof. Dr. Roland Wiesendanger
Universität Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Cosimo de Carlo
EDAG Engineering Group AG, CEO
Portrait Gabriel Girard
Gabriel Girard
Video game speedrunner and video producer
Portrait Jonas Deichmann
Jonas Deichmann
First to have completed a Triathlon around the World
Andy Math
andymath.com, TikToker
Mathias Buus Madsen
Hyperdivision, Partner und Node.js-Hacker
Dr. Jürgen Michels
BayernLB, Chief Economist and Head of Research
Adam Shostack
Shostack + Associates
Dr. Cathrin Möller
TNG Technology Consulting, Principal Consultant
Alexander Wischnewski
Sascha Alber
Portrait Philipp Baaske
Philipp Baaske
NanoTemper, CEO
Cedric Beny
Cortex Discovery
Franz Pfeifroth
Hassi Norlen
IBM Quantum
Jean-Baptiste Camps
École Nationale des Chartes
Florian Cafiero
French National Centre for Scientific Research
Dr. Matthias Röder
The Mindshift
Dirk Pflug
Aerodynamics Specialist
Don Stewart
TNG Technology Consulting ANZ
Andreas Greimel
MintGarden/TNG Technology Consulting
Alexander Sedlmayr
TNG Technology Consulting
Thomas Endres
TNG Technology Consulting
Martin Förtsch
TNG Technology Consulting
Jonas Mayer
TNG Technology Consulting


From artificial intelligence and robotics to programming languages, from architecture & design to IT security & privacy: at the Big Techday you will hear talks from diverse areas.

And not all of our speakers come from science and IT. There are also people from the arts and sports.

Details about the presentations can be found in the abstracts.

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